After an initial consultation to discuss what you would like your Personal Digital Archive to contain, I convert into modern digital formats (JPEG, PDF, MP3) your analog and digital photos, personal papers, documents and short videos. Your Personal Digital Archive is viewable on any computer, smart phone or tablet. All documents received for digitization will be stored securely and returned to you upon completion of the project. I will follow up with you on an annual basis to ensure your Personal Digital Archive is up to date.


Upon request, I also conduct research to retrieve information pertinent to your family history. Examples include birth and immigration records. I also seek out information concerning family ancestors to offer a more complete picture of your family’s personal heritage. Family research creates quite a fun and adventurous atmosphere for your family’s archive.


Your Personal Digital Archive will be stored on the digital platform of your choice (for example, Dropbox or Google Drive). Cloud based storage allows for immediate and convenient access on any device and is extremely future proof. In addition to cloud-based storage, all of my clients are provided with a disk and flash drive containing their Personal Digital Archive.

Sample Digital Archive