Sample Archive

Sample Archive

Here is a small sample of various documents from founder Kathy Monaghan's own collection. A Personal Digital Archive can, and usually will include a substantial amount of photos, letters, and documents. Kathy will personally curate and organize your collection in the format of your choice. In this case, we have chosen a chronological format for the sample archive, but archives can also be organized by person, place, or event. It's up to you and organized your way!

Early 1900's to 1940

Grandma's high school picture--1919

Dad and Aunt Mary--1932.

My Mom, future equestrian!!

1940's to 1970

Telegram from my paternal grandfather to my dad while he was serving in the Korean War in Frankfurt, Germany

Dad entertaining the troops in Frankfurt, Germany--the consummate piano player!!

Mom and Dad on their wedding day in 1957.

1970's to 2000

Future pilots!!  

Senior prom.

Christmas 1996.

2000's to present


Graduation 2015!!

Hampton Court Palace.