What Can A Personal Digital Archivist Do For Me?

Let’s face it, we all have a lot of “stuff,” and it can be an overwhelming task to determine what to preserve for future generations. A Personal Digital Archivist will help you organize and then digitize your important photos, papers and documents into a meaningful collection.

What Is a Personal Digital Archive?

A Personal Digital Archive is an online collection of important photos, documents and personal papers accumulated over the course of one or multiple generations. Digital Archives catalog and preserve significant events so that memories can be shared with family and friends and remain accessible for future generations.

What are Examples of Documents I can Include in My Digital Archive?

Examples of documents you may wish to include are letters, postcards, artwork done by your children, report cards, school papers, diplomas, wedding invitations, recipes, business papers, etc. You can include anything you consider important and I can help you add new items!

Why are Digital Archives Necessary?

The process of digitizing photos and documents is essential in the modern age. Having a digital record of important photos, documents and personal papers keeps them accessible and available for future generations, as physical copies may become lost or damaged. A Digital Archive allows you to share important milestones with family and friends and makes a wonderful gift!